WM-S/FCL - Condaria


Cooling only water chillers.

On large boats, water chillers with hermetic or accessible-hermetic compressors are normally installed; their cooling capacity range is 30.000 to 2.000.000 Btu/h of refrigeration. Most of WMS/ FCL units are custom manufactured to the shipyard specifications, and can be designed with horizontal, vertical or built-on-site configuration.

Each compressor is generally driven by a frequency inverter, having the purpose to control the current peak at its starting, and the frequency/speed range while running. On large units with accessible-hermetic compressors, the relevant heat-exchanging devices are "shell-and-tube" type, specially designed and built to marine standards.

Condaria will design, size and quote any such special unit on request.

Condaria WM-S/FCL