PCWM/LT - Condaria


48,000 to 324,000 Btu – 2 or 4 compressors.

Main Features

  • Compact design with built in circulation pump.
  • Slim footprint makes it ideal for OE or Aftermarket.
  • Available with a variety of mechanical or digital control options.
  • Stainless structural frame and sturdy Cupronickel sea water circuit.
  • Heat pump ideal for cooling or heating.
  • 48,000 to 324,000 Btu.

The PCWM Light is an evolution of Condaria’s famous PCWM range. Multiple staged heat pump using 410a, this range allows a shipyard to have a powerful, reliable cooling and heating plant that can be easily installed with a minimal labor due to its turn-key design concept.

These compact yet powerful units are redefining the marketplace.