Frosty DXC-M - Condaria

Frosty DXC-M

A marine air conditioner, self-contained type, with sea water cooled condenser, for use on small or medium leisure boats.

Main Features

  • High performance last generation rotary compressor.
  • Cupro-nickel and copper sea water cooled condenser.
  • Centrifugal blower.
  • Direct expansion evaporator in aluminium and copper.
  • Advanced design of components in order to achieve the maximum possible compactness.
  • Control by means of electronic controller with digital display.
  • Designed for easy installation on board.
  • Noiseless and vibration-free operation.

Installation as simple as possible, consisting of the connection of the sea water pump for condensation and air distribution to one or more environments, using pre-insulated flexible pipe, and electrical connection to an outlet.

Condaria Frosty DXC-M