Electronic Control Panels - Condaria

Electronic Control Panels

Panels can be either fitted or stand-alone.

Condaria can design and assemble custom tailored electric or electronic control panels for huge and sophisticated systems; the panels can be furnished with interface boards for the most renowned domotic systems, as Naviop, which are more and more used on large yachts.

The panels can be of the stand-alone type, or fitted into frames supplied by the shipyard, in order to allow their integrated installation inside control rooms. The panels can contain frequency inverters, assisted starting devices for compressors, soft-start units, together with the relevant instruments, the components and the complete wiring.

The technical office of Condaria cooperates with the technical representatives of the shipyard, in order to always obtain the most suitable solutions. Every panel is assembled to the rules of main shipping registers and is marked CE.

Condaria Electronic Control Panels