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Diesel Boilers

Eberspächer Hydronic Marine Heaters - a solution for all needs.


  • Hydronic 30
  • Hydronic 35

Condaria, working together Eberspächer can now offer an alternative means of heating boats subject to extreme conditions. When water temperatures drop below 8°C where heat pumps cannot provide sufficient heat and/ or a constant and sufficient supply of generator or shore power may not be available, gasoline or diesel fired heating is a practical solution. These heaters are available in wide range of capacities ranging from 4 to 35 kW.

A wide range of hot air generatorsis also available from 2 to 5 kw. For vessels already equipped with circulated water cooling and heating Condaria’s marinized version of Eberspächer’s Hydronic (circulated water) heaters from 4 to 35 kW can be easily retrofit aboard your vessel.

For new builds or refit projects Condaria will build a heating and cooling plant with an integrated Hydronic L boiler to suit the needs of the vessel. Allow us to evaluate your requirements and we can propose a system tailored to your needs.

Condaria Diesel Boilers