Air Handlers - Condaria

Air Handlers

Manufactured in three series and fourteen models.

Three Series

  • ALU
  • AP
  • TWIN

Condaria air-handlers for marine use are manufactured in three series and fourteen models. The ALU series is built in heavy gauge peraluman sheets with ABS drip pan and includes models Mini, Compact, Junior, Giant4, Giant8, and the news Twin12 and Twin18.

The ALU series units can be installed horizontally or vertically without any modification on site, except for models Mini and Compact. The AP series includes models APM, AP1, AP3, AP5, AP8, AP10 and AP12 and uses high pressure centrifugal blowers; the units can be connected to discharge and suction ducts.They can be installed away from the space to be treated, and will not affect the interior design of the space itself. The common characteristics of the two series are: the possibility to connect the units to two or three speed manual selectors or to electronic Climate Organizer/Top Climate controls with three or ten speeds, the use of multi-row copper/aluminium water-to-air heat exchangers, the quietness and the compactness of the assembly.

The air-handlers can be controlled by starting and stopping the blower, or by means of a threeway, four-port water valve with by-pass.

Condaria Air Handlers