AHU - Condaria


Built to strict comfort and safety standards.


  • UTA 3T 800
  • UTA 3T 1000

On large vessels, built to strict comfort and safety standards, Fresh Air Makeup Air Handlers and Box Air Exhaust Fans are used in combination to continuously renew the air on board, with a minimum rate of twenty-five cubic meters per hour per person up to a maximum rate of over six changes per hour, considering the volume of the conditioned spaces.

The Fresh Air Makeup Air Handler is a sophisticated chilled water air handler that "conditions" fresh air as it is continuously introduced into the yacht. It is designed to remove moisture, salt and other airborne particulates that could in time erode the integrity and quality of the onboard environment removal of the particulate matter results in acleaner overall environment aboard the vessel.

The combined systems helps remove odour by positively displacing contaminated air with fresh, clean air.

Condaria AHU