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Condaria was born and has developed as a supplier of Marine Air Conditioning and heating. Since the beginning we have designed, built and supplied HVAC equipment and systems for Yachts, Super Yachts and Mega Yachts on a global basis. Given our experience, it should be no surprise that we also design and build equipment for a wide variety of Commerical Vessels including Military applications. Condaria’s strength is our focus and attention to this particular sector, and the acquired “know how” in over thirty years of presence in this market.

The compact dimensions, the safety of operation, the high quality of materials and the quietness are the elements that form the success of this line. The installation of these devices, designed for marine conditions and very confined spaces, avoids those inconveniences that are the main reasons of the malfunction of systems not designed for yachts.

The systems, that Condaria could eventually supply on a “turn-key” basis, are completed by customary accessories as circulation pumps, pipes, insulation and air distribution devices. Even the accessories have been designed for using on marine units, from the point of view of employed materials and very compact sizes. On request, we can supply complete systems with fully automatic controls, electronic or electric type.

The design of each Condaria product includes a constant development schedule, in order to cope with ever changing requirements, with a strong accent on researching new products. Manufacturing facilities are modern and well equipped; proven production planning methods assure the achievement of on-time deliveries. A custom-tailored computerized management program controls the various process activities of incoming orders, purchasing, production and administration.

All materials and goods are carefully checked at workshop during manufacture , while final performance tests are carried out by skilled technicians on every single unit.

Condaria headquarters and production facilities are located in the north business district of Milan, very convenient for communication and shipping opportunities, and easily linked to most shipyards in Italy and Europe.

At installation stage, Condaria engineers can supervise or assist in commissioning the system. A large number of service centres are operating all over the world to assist sales, installation and maintenance of Condaria plants.

Shipyards and sailors alike are aware by experience that they can rely on Condaria systems for performance, engineering and customer support.